Lindsay + Justin

Lindsay, Justin, and I had a great time wandering the IU campus on this windy day! CARRINGTON0415_01 CARRINGTON0415_02 CARRINGTON0415_05 CARRINGTON0415_11   CARRINGTON0415_13   CARRINGTON0415_18 CARRINGTON0415_21    CARRINGTON0415_25 CARRINGTON0415_26 Both Lindsay and Justin are IU Alumni, and Justin played on the IU Football team. CARRINGTON0415_27 CARRINGTON0415_30 CARRINGTON0415_31 CARRINGTON0415_36 CARRINGTON0415_38
CARRINGTON0415_43 CARRINGTON0415_45 I first met Lindsay when she was a student in Bloomington... she was a Nanny for one of my favorite families I photograph. CARRINGTON0415_49 CARRINGTON0415_51 CARRINGTON0415_54 CARRINGTON0415_63 CARRINGTON0415_64 CARRINGTON0415_68 Lindsay and Justin were guests at Meg and Phil's Wedding so I know their reception will be fun! CARRINGTON0415_70 CARRINGTON0415_71 CARRINGTON0415_73 CARRINGTON0415_75 CARRINGTON0415_83 CARRINGTON0415_84 CARRINGTON0415_87 CARRINGTON0415_88  

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