Ted and Meg… (Bloomington, Indiana Photographer)


I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Meg and Ted’s wedding on June, 4th at Deer Park Manor.  Meg is a friend of mine… her daughter Jessica is Scout’s babysitter and she is LOVED in this house.  Scout has spent time with Meg and Jessica’s entire family.  So, the wedding was a lot of fun for me… because both Meg and Ted’s children were in the wedding party.  If you were ever lucky enough to eat at Ladyman’s Cafe downtown you probably met Ted… it was his family business.  Enjoy the photos!

The lovely Meg...

Meg with her daughters Angela, Jessica, and Faith

A prayer before the ceremony

Faith and a friend sang beautifully..

Meg with her proud Father

Love this one:)

Meg peeking back at the girls

Ted's daughters:)

Mr. and Mrs. Ladyman

With their kids above

LOVE this one:)

They look so happy here:)

A heartfelt toast from Angela

Gettin down!

Jessica is going to KILL me for this haha:)

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